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Thomas Brooks, was an important Brooklyn cabinetmaker who supplied the New York market throughout the mid-nineteenth century. Brooks exemplified the American victorian period with massive victorian bed sets, delicately carved cabinets, and stylish victorian tables. Thomas Brooks pieces were known for their styling, quality, and charm. Thomas Brooks furniture is also some of the most sought after antiques in the world.

VICTORIAN FURNITURE (19th & 20th Century, 1837 – 1901)

This is the period when American Furniture Makers such as Belter, Meeks, Horner, Brooks, Herter Brothers, Roux, Pabst and Henkels came into prominence. Striving to embody classical perfection these artisans utilized components that had been funneled through 15th & 16th Century Italy . Hence the style is one that incorporated both ancient Greek and Italian Renaissance characteristics. The results are unusual hybrids, coupling elements such as Corinthian colonettes or caryatids with unusual partners like detailed dental work and petite pediments. These innovative interpretations of old trends created unique masterpieces that represent the very essence of American culture. During this time period, Rococo was the predominate style used with cabriole legs, S-and-C scrolls, and the naturalistic carvings of fruit, birds, flowers, and human busts.

Antiquarian Traders exclusive collection includes rare and exquisite furniture from both the 19th and 20th centuries. Treasured pieces from John Henry Belter, J. & J. Meeks, R. J. Horner, Alexander Roux, the Herter Brothers, Thomas Brooks, and Pottier & Stymus make up our collection of Gothic, Renaissance, and Victorian Rococo furniture. Our timeless collection is rounded out by both Royal Dux and Old Paris Porcelain, and French, American, and European clock sets. View Stock


Popular during the middle decades of the 1800s, the rococo revival style of furniture was based on furniture of a century earlier. Characteristics of this style are cabriole front legs, undulating seat rails, carved flowers, fruit, and scroll decoration, and intricate "openwork." Aside from the Belter patent model shown here, there are almost no examples of known chairs with "dished" backs. There are, however, many side and arm chairs and sofas made by Belter and his cabinetmaking contemporaries. Such a matching set placed around the edge of the room with a table in the center was the favored furniture and arrangement in parlors across the United States at that time.

Our genuine antique Thomas Brooks antiques are sold "as is" or perfect restored "mint" condition. is proud to be associated with one of the finest antique furniture companies in the world, Antiquarian Traders, who have been an established dealer in rare and unusual antiques for over 35 years.

All antique Thomas Brooks furniture transactions are subject to Antiquarian Traders sales policies.

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